About PHP

I don’t know many languages that require more defending and explanation than PHP. The language is far from perfect: it can have a large overhead, its plethora of functions are often inconsistent, new versions often require the programmer to change their way of “thinking in PHP”, and possibly the worst of all: PHP allows for horrific code.

That being said: I love PHP. It allows for rapid development of applications in object oriented manner. I have worked on some complex enterprise-level PHP applications which were joy to build upon. It’s deployable on many servers – perhaps even so more than Perl, since most applications and frameworks rely only on built in functionality of PHP. If more powerful functionality is required, writing extensions for PHP in a lower level language, like C or C++, is very easy.

I am a full time PHP developer and I worked on some amazing PHP projects. This blog is meant as a place to share the “wisdom” I gathered over years, and to offer solutions to common problems. By laying out those problems and discussing them, I hope to improve my own skills and development process.